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 The Department of German Language and Literature was founded in 1977. Since then, the department, as a part of the School of Philosophy, has been continuously evolving and improving its curriculum, adapting it to modern scientific requirements and teaching needs, while at the same time steadily increasing the student body and the number of department members. Currently, the department consists of 20 full-time faculty, 9 administrative staff and one lecturer sponsored by the D.A.A.D. Each academic year, we admit approximately 135 new students. We also have some 90 MA and PhD level graduate students.


The Department of German Language and Literature is located in the building of the School of Philosophy, University Campus, Zografou, 157 84 Athens.

The registrar’s office (main office) can be found on the 3rd floor.

                        tel.: +30 210 7277 307/308/312

                        fax.: +30 210 7277 694

Website: http://en.gs.uoa.gr/


The Department of German Language and Literature mainly focuses on training educational professionals capable of teaching German language and literature at all levels of the educational system. To attain these objectives, he curriculum puts strong emphasis on providing students with practical skills in linguistics and literature, but also includes a wide array of classes from areas such as translation studies, cultural studies and philosophy. Since with a few exceptions, all courses are held in German, a good working knowledge of German is indispensable for future applicants.


Head of the Department: Katerina Karakassi

Deputy Head: Christina Alexandris

The General Assembly

Office of the Head:
(4th floor, phone (+) -210-7277459):

Secretariat - Registry:

School of Philosophy, 3rd floor

Tel : (+) -210-7277306 - 307 - 308,

Fax: (+) 3-210-7277694

Head Secretary: E. Fili

Secretarial Clerks:

N. Karistineos
A. Karagounaki

Open to public: Mon.-Wed.-Fri. from 11.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.