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Stefan LINDINGER (M.A. University of Regensburg [German Philology, Latin, History]; Ph.D. University of Chicago [Germanic Studies]), formerly Lecturer of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and now Assistant Professor for German Literature at the German Department of the University of Athens. Previously, Lecturer for German Language at the College of the University of Chicago as well as at the German Department of the University of Pisa. Co-editor of the „Regensburger Schauspiele“ by Emanuel Schikaneder (Regensburg 2009) as well as of the  volume „Deutsche Romantik. Transformationen und Transgressionen“ (Frankfurt am Main 2014). Further publications on Leopold Schefer and Greece (2013), on Kleist (2013), on Brentano‘s poetry (2014), on Stifter’s 'Nachsommer' (2014) and 'Witiko' (2018), on philhellenic poetry (2015), on Emanuel Schikaneder‘s dramas (2015), on Hebbel‘s 'Agnes Bernauer' (2016), on Annette Kolb (2015, 2016, 2016), on Siegfried von Vegesack (2016, 2017)¸ on the epistolary novels of Goethe¸ Foscolo and Soutsos (2017), on Franz Xaver Schönwerth‘s fairy tales (2017), on Martin Luther as a literay topic in works by Werner and Fontane (2018), as well as on Ludwig Ross’ Aegean travel accounts (2018).