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Prof. Dr. Anastasia Antonopoulou   

Tel.: +30 210 7277767 

Office: 715 

E-mail: anasant[at]gs.uoa[dot]gr 


Anastasia Antonopoulou is Professor in German Literature and in Comparative Literature at the Department of German Language and Literature (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens). Her teaching and research interests focus on German Literature of the 19th and 20th Century and Comparative Literature (with particular emphasis on the Relationship between German and Greek Culture). She has served as Chair of the Department of German Language and Literature (2015 - 2017) at the University of Athens. She has also served as director of the interdepartmental postgraduate program in Translation and Translatology and as director of the postgraduate program German Literature at the Department of German Language and Literature (2011-2013). She was also Member of the Administrative Council of the Greek General and Comparative Literature Association and Member of the National Αwards Committee for Literary Translation (Ministery of Culture). She was academic coordinator in many Research Projects.  

Latest Publications:

Literarische Ägäis. Ein Kulturraum zwischen Mythos und Geschichte (Ed.), Bielefeld: trancript 2021.

Anthropogene Klima- und Umweltkrisen. Griechisch-deutsche Beiträge zu Ecocriticism und Environmental Humanities, (Ed.) with Monika Albrecht,  Bielefeld: transcript 2023.

Narrative der Krise. Literatur und Kino in Italien, Griechenland, Deutschland (2000 – 2015),  (Ed.) with Sergio Corrado, Uta Felten, Tanja Schwan und Franziska Andraschik, Berlin: Peter Lang 2022.

The most recent project: Anthropogenic climate and environmental crises in contemporary Greek literature in comparison. A DAAD project in collaboration with the University of Vechta/Germany, 2021).   

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